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Flooring - ​​The Basis for Healthy Living

  • Healthy living starts with flooring

Three questions about healthy living for Jörg Hüls, Head of Product Management Flooring at EGGER.

What sets EGGER laminate flooring apart in regards to healthy living?
It is a wood-based product made with PEFC-certified wood and ecologically harmless binding agents. It contains neither PVC nor softeners and can be fully recycled. The sealed surface is a blessing for anyone who needs things to be especially clean. The flooring repels dirt and is easy to clean, making it particularly well suited for allergy sufferers.

Does EGGER laminate flooring meet the current requirements for low-emission building products?
Naturally all EGGER laminate flooring meets the low emission requirements and is safe to use. This is confirmed by certification and regular monitoring of compliance with legally prescribed limits by independent test institutes.

Is EGGER laminate flooring fit for the future?
Yes. Special emphasis is placed on the use of harmless raw materials in product development and production. This is also demonstrated by our co-operation with public authorities and associations, and by active participation in standard-setting bodies. EGGER laminate flooring has been awarded certificates and labels recognised in Central Europe and prescribed or recommended by law, such as the Blauer Engel, environmental product declarations (EPDs) and general building authority approval.

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