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The Emergence of "Trends"

  • Fascination “trends”

Three questions about the phenomenon of “trends” to Klaus Monhoff, the head of EGGER design and decor management.

How do trends emerge?
The root of a trend can often be when an exclusive brand manufacturer develops a high quality product that is something new – an unusual colour can be enough. On the way from luxury product to mainstream, lifestyle products especially from the automotive and electronics sector have a considerable influence on trends in other areas. For instance, in the furniture industry you now see more and more soft metallic shades.

What will become a trend?
There is a wide spectrum - from “individuality” to “organic”, certain colours or surface properties through to “vintage”. With regard to consumers, a few of these trend aspects usually combine to form a kind of lifestyle: For example, many people today want a polar opposite to the digital world. “Natural qualities” are gaining significance such as the interest in authentic wood decors, sustainable construction and organic food.

What is coming next?
The art is in finding this out. Megatrends like “white” can last 15 years from their arrival to their disappearance and we are probably now at the pinnacle. A tendency towards grey shades can now be seen with copper and other metallic shades increasingly appearing. When it comes to surfaces, the trend is shifting from high gloss to matt. It is an interesting area, where things never stand still.

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