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EGGER DHF - Increased rain resistance system checked

  • The EGGER DHF wall and roof board is water-draining, puncture-resistant, and windproof. It has also now been checked for increased water resistance.

The trend towards the pent roof and flat roof in low-energy and especially in passive buildings is unmistakable, and is very popular with timber engineers, architects, and planners. In reaction to this, EGGER has checked its wall and roof board for increased rain resistance.

Our EGGER DHF vapour-permeable fibreboard is also used increasingly as roof board. Technically, it is perfectly suitable thanks to its "3 in 1" properties. "3 in 1" means water-draining, puncture-resistant, and windproof.

"According to the ZVDH regulations, 14° is the minimum roof tilt in Germany for obtaining a seam and perforation safe UDP-A. This means that the roof tilt may be a maximum of 8° below the regular one," says Josef Gasteiger, Head of Product management EBP.
"In Austria, there is the ÖNORM B4119, Planning and Execution of Underroofs and Trusses, which requires underroofs with increased rain resistance."

In the system with verified adhesive tapes from various manufacturers, EGGER DHF fulfils the requirements of additional increased rain resistance at a roof tilt of >5°.

For more detailed information, please contact the practical EGGER hotline at +49 3841 301 21260 in our Wismar plant.

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