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  • Using compact laminate in the bathroom (photo: Christian Vorhofer)
  • Elegant and sturdy (photo: Markus Mitterer)
  • Application in a shower (photo: Johannes Felsch)
  • Michael Beckmann

Three questions for Michael Beckmann, Product Manager Furniture and Interior Design at EGGER

Compact laminate is considered the ideal material for furniture and interior design. What sets it apart?

The ease of processing using conventional wood processing tools is the most attractive feature. Another benefit is that compact laminate is stable and self-supporting, even though it is not particularly thick. Sophisticated design solutions can be achieved with a black or white core.

Where is compact laminate used?

For design reasons and thanks to its robustness, compact laminate is used in office or kitchen designs. Here the high strength of the material allows for elegant work surfaces with thin dimensions. Thanks to the high durability in terms of impact resistance and bending strength combined with excellent resistance to moisture, compact laminate is often used for wall panelling and partition walls in public areas. We also offer compact laminate in a low flammability option on request.

What else can this versatile board material be used for?

Our customers have already developed creative ideas with EGGER compact laminate. Examples include furniture systems with plug connections that can be disassembled, seating furniture and also compact laminate as a replacement for tiles in the bathroom or kitchen.

More information about compact laminate.

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