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Experience the Difference

  • ST28 Feelwood Nature
  • ST29 Feelwood Ambiance
  • Naturalness down to the details: synchronised pore also on the inner sides.
  • Feelwood Elegance ST27

It looks like solid wood: you can see and feel the grain. The outstanding naturalness is made possible by synchronised pores on both sides of three new surfaces: ST27, ST28 and ST29.

With these offerings, EGGER is meeting the increasing desire for authenticity among all the anonymity, digitalisation and globalisation,” says Klaus Monhoff, Head of Design and Decor Management at EGGER. “Our synchronised pore surfaces with the ‘Feelwood’ name introduces a unique interplay between the decor and surfaces for the customer.”

The timeless yet modern Feelwood Elegance ST27 provides a light and elegant naturalness. Feelwood Nature ST28 represents an authentic and original appearance with knots and deep brushing, while Feelwood Ambiance ST29 has a sophisticated matt-gloss effect and would be an ideal choice for larger areas.

EGGER has introduced the technology in a number of its plant that enables synchronised pore surfaces to be pressed on both sides of the board. This marks the start of a new chapter in the history of melamine faced boards.

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