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Every Step Counts

  • The cork+ flooring proved to be highly resilient
  • The counter showed 222,222 steps
  • EGGER cork+ flooring passes the durability test

Several thousand business partners, numerous EGGER employees, Group Management and even owner Michael Egger and his dog Oskar – all of them together put the cork+ flooring through a durability test.

A counter installed at the EGGER plant in St. Johann in October 2013 showed a phenomenal 222,222 steps that the cork+ flooring stood up to in around one and a half years. A detailed inspection of its condition shows that possible concerns regarding resilience are unfounded: With virtually no signs of wear, the decor is as beautiful and expressive as the day the flooring was installed. This is due to very high quality processing and the UV-resistant surface layer, which provides additional surface protection.

In addition to this impressive proof of resilience, cork+ flooring also has other benefits: Thanks to the two integrated cork layers, the flooring is warm and silent. It is also free of PVC and softeners, and has been awarded the “Der Blaue Engel (Blue Angel)” seal of approval. EGGER cork+ flooring therefore successfully combines the advantages of the natural product cork with the functionality of laminate flooring.

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