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Installation of new production line goes to schedule

EGGER invests in UK future

EGGER, one of Europes leading producers of chipboard, MDF and OSB boards, has issued an interim report on its 150 million Euro investment at the company’s chipboard plant in Hexham (Great Britain).

Construction work began in April 2006 to build on and improve the existing plant to bring it in line with the very latest production methods. The first board off the new ContiRoll chipboard press was achieved in mid April 2007 and has quickly gone onto 24 / 7 production.  Full commissioning of the new line and supporting infrastructure is due by September. 

Bob Livesey, Joint MD (Commercial) at Hexham, said: “We are very pleased at how work has progressed, the quick move to 24 hour production and the very high quality of the board already being manufactured, surpassing our expectations well ahead of schedule. The bedding-in process will continue until autumn as scheduled before the new line will be run at full production speed.”

With the installation of the new 48 meter long, 2.6 meter wide ContiRoll production line at its heart, the investment programme has also involved the application of the latest technology in many areas of the plant, with the latest environmental equipment, some of which is unique to EGGER.  The second phase now being entered into will incorporate the decommissioning of the existing old presses, demolition of old buildings, with the erection of new buildings and a restructuring of the existing site.

The Hexham plant specialises in three main product areas; furniture-grade chipboard Eurospan, melamine-faced chipboard Eurodekor, and Weyroc, a collection of tongued and grooved chipboard products used in the construction industry.


It will soon become one of the most advanced chipboard manufacturing and finishing plants of its kind.

Bob Livesey said: “At a time when generally the only investments being made into particleboard production are being made outside of Western Europe, the magnitude of the investment signifies EGGER’s commitment to the UK.  We are replacing two outdated flat press production lines with one state-of-the-art ContiRoll facility that will improve quality, increase efficiency, and enable us to improve our cost: quality ratio.

With rapidly increasing raw material costs, it is important for both ourselves and our customers that we do everything possible to minimise the impact these significant cost rises have on the market, without impacting on quality, therefore helping maintain our customers’ market competitiveness.

The combination of this new facility with our relatively young facility in Barony (Scotland), gives us the ability to offer a range of chipboard products and specifications, along with a stronger security of supply.”

Basic details

Cost of investment: 150 million Euros 
ContiRoll dimensions:

  • Length of press  48.5m
  • Maximum length of board  5610mm
  • Maximum width of board  2620mm
  • Thickness   8-44mm


  • Start on site: April 2006
  • 1st Board: April 2007
  • old chipboard press off line: November 2007

    • EGGER invests 150 million Euro in UK plant
    • Project has gone to schedule
    • First board off new ContiRoll press in April 2007- 24/7 production achieved
    • Bedding work in until September

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