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EGGER ventures into new "grey areas"

ZOW decors under the tagline neutrality and vitality
The wood-based product manufacturer EGGER will be exhibiting decors at ZOW in Bad Salzuflen between the 25th and 28th February 2007 under the tagline “neutrality and vitality”.

The wood-based product manufacturer EGGER will be exhibiting decors at ZOW in Bad Salzuflen between the 25th and 28th February 2007 under the tagline “neutrality and vitality”. At the fair in East Westphalia, the furniture industry will be presented with numerous new decors, which breathe life into designs either alone or in combination with other Wood, Uni or Fantasy decors.

The many faces of warm grey tones
Many decors will in future be strongly influenced by shades of grey. EGGER is convinced that this will unleash a whole new colour trend, which will replace the recent craze for colour: "We’re seeing that brown tones have reached their peak and newly defined greys are increasingly becoming more popular", proclaims Klaus Monhoff, Product Manager. This isn’t the only reason they’ve opted for grey: At recent trade fairs there has been an increasing trend towards black and white combinations, but now grey is coming in as the middleman between these two colours, reducing the harsh contrast.

The shades of grey presented at ZOW have nothing in common with the light and cool, almost steely colour schemes which were so dominant a decade ago. The new grey areas into which EGGER is venturing are warm and earthy, some are also rich with a mother-of-pearl base. In the case of some woods which will be presented in Bad Salzuflen this February, grey has a subtle effect.

Not just Uni colours are being redefined in grey, Fantasy decors and even some of the wood reproductions are being given a touch of grey. This wide range results in a variety of design options: Grey can be the dominant colour, creating an overall neutral effect in furniture, but it can also be combined with lively, natural woods. A rustic look, however, is definitely not in demand. The new grey, instead, creates an elegant effect when combined with decors.
Mother-of-pearl creates high-quality look
One of the most striking things with the Uni colours that EGGER is exhibiting at ZOW and at subsequent in-house exhibitions is the use of mother-of-pearl, which gives a greater impression of depth and brilliance, creating very high-quality appearance. The names of the colours such as Reed, Fango, Lava and Sand emphasise the earthiness of the shades, while names such as Cubanite Quartz, Inox Quartz and Cobalt Quartz signal value and luxury. As far as the Fantasy decors are concerned, Product Management gives this sneak preview: the collection presented will favour graphical variants, and the tone-on-tone decors are also more subtle than before.

Classic wood decors take on new life: Modern reproductions with deep textures
Expect two areas of focus when it comes to woods at the EGGER stand. Classic woods such as maple, birch and cherry have been redefined to match the Zeitgeist. Two trends stand out: natural characteristics such as knots and small inclusions are emphasised and give the decor increased vitality. The trend for deep brushed textures, which was introduced last year with the new ST22 texture, is still going strong. These matt-gloss, irregularly brushed surfaces look particularly good with woods such as Oak, Pine and Ash, which will enrich EGGER’s presence at the fair with their new look. ST22 is incredibly lifelike and is particularly well suited to linear woods that have a similar structure. "Two thirds of the decors that we have presented to the furniture industry over the past year have had this new texture" reports Klaus Monhoff.

Worktops with vibrant woods and new stone reproductions
The fashion for a linear and thus very modern look doesn’t stop when it comes to worktops. The new EGGER worktop model "Edge" fulfils the trend for tighter radii, with the 1.5 mm radius giving it the effect of an attached edge. Thanks to the classical postforming process - without rear milling - used in its manufacture and the use of 0.60 mm Euroform Flex laminate, "Edge" can cope with any challenge without loss of quality. The seamless transition from surface to edge creates not just a new look but also opens up new application potential, on stringboards and floating shelves, for example.

Eurolight with a radius of 1.5 mm was practically created for these new application options. However, the highlight is the 60 mm Eurolight worktop in the “Edge” model.
EGGER also has new decor ideas for worktops to show the furniture industry. As well as very lively woods, there are diverse stone reproductions in modern colours, which are ideal for combining with the new grey shades on front panels.


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