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Large amount of visitor interest makes the future look bright

EGGER takes stock of success at the ZOW

The ZOW (furniture components trade fair) in Bad Salzuflen, Germany, which came to an end a few days ago, was a resounding success for EGGER.

The ZOW (furniture components trade fair) in Bad Salzuflen, Germany, which came to an end a few days ago, was a resounding success for EGGER. Both domestic and foreign visitors showed a high level of interest in the new products displayed, in particular when it came to new decors and textures. EGGER also presented a Eurolight worktop with 1.5 mm radius, an extended accessories range for Eurolight worktops, the sound-absorbing board ProAcoustic light, as well as its first laminate door collection.
The visitors from the German and international furniture industry conquered “new grey areas” together with Product Manager Klaus Monhoff: “Our concept of using the most wide-ranging grey tones to create a harmonious transition between the poles black and white was received with considerable degree of interest”, summarises Monhoff. The trade fair motto, “Neutrality and vitality”, also stood for even more authentic and lively wood reproductions. EGGER achieves this partly using the deep-brushed surface ST22, which was introduced last year, and partly using natural features such as knots and small inclusions.

Versatile grey tones open up numerous possibilities
During customer conversations there was very intense discussion of the versatility of the proposals, from warm green-grey to cool grey-blue. The broad spectrum of grey tones also produces just as many decor options: The new grey tones can be combined very effectively with wood decors in natural tones, and at the same time they provide good contrasts to white, black and the strong colours of the early part of the season, such as aubergine, green and blue. Special decor innovations, such as the Molina Ash, were very well received.
Another focal point was the new “Natural Pore”, a completely new texture, which stands out because it has a very natural appearance as it is adjusted to the grain, and therefore is almost synchronised with the decor. The new texture is especially good for wood decors such as Richmond Oak and Cortina.

In addition, EGGER presented the Artwave surface for uni colours and fantasy decors. This matt-gloss appearance can be used thanks to an innovative procedure from the printing industry.

Worktops and acoustic innovations well received
The wood-based product manufacturer highlighted its expertise in the area of worktops by presenting the 60-millimetre Eurolight worktop with 1.5 mm radius at the edge. This solution, which was presented for the first time, makes it possible to have straight and very modern appearances. EGGER also presented new accessories for Eurolight: Firstly the Innofix sink-fastening adapter for boards up to 60 millimetres thick, and secondly the new Innofix worktop connector made of galvanised metal as an addition to the existing worktop connectors.
For particular acoustic requirements in interior design, EGGER worked with the company Akustik+ to develop an innovative, lightweight solution for furniture boards and rear panels – the ProAcoustic light. Its micro-perforations and laminate surface mean that the sound-absorbing boards have an optimum combination of acoustic and decorative aspects.

Presentation of the laminate door collection
The ZOOM door collection was also premiered at the ZOW. In doing so, EGGER highlighted its expertise when it comes to laminates. The range of decors in the door collection is made up of 23 uni colours, 45 wood reproductions and two fantasy decors. Eleven of the wood reproductions were developed especially for the door collection and incorporate both modern lateral decors and combinations of longitudinal and lateral appearances. “We also offer a colour-coordinated longitudinal version of all lateral decors for the door frame,” explains Product Manager Klaus Monhoff.

Lightweight prefabricated element system in St. Johann
Another product topic was also a focal point of customer conversations: the planned lightweight prefabricated element system in St. Johann, Austria. As EGGER first announced at the ZOW, the company is planning to invest in a new system at its main factory in St. Johann in Tirol, which will produce prefabricated elements for the furniture industry from the wood-based innovation Eurolight. “We want to use the system to provide our customers from the furniture industry with Eurolight prefabricated parts, and to support them in establishing this innovative material on the market” says Bühler, describing one of the reasons behind this decision. “We are pioneers for a product which is undergoing constant growth, and that we want to promote with our customers in the furniture industry.”

EGGER continues to grow
The last ZOW was one of the most successful ever for EGGER. The wood-based product manufacturer is able to continually distinguish itself further from the competition, in particular due to its extensive range of authentic surfaces. “The positive customer reactions make us optimistic for the coming months, in spite of the clouds on the economic horizon”, says Bühler. “With a clear strategy, innovative products and a good “nose” for market requirements, we will create new prospects in cooperation with our customers”.


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