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Press Release: Michael Egger changes from group management into the advisory board

Michael Egger, co-proprietor and chairman of the company management of the EGGER Group with headquarters in St. Johann in Tyrol, will change over into the advisory board of the corporation as per January 1st 2009 at the side of his brother Fritz Egger.

In future the group management will be comprised of Dr. Thomas Leissing (finances/ administration/ logistics), Ulrich Bühler (marketing/sales) and Walter Schiegl (production/technology), who have already been part of this committee since several years.

"This step has been especially well planned and ensures the continuity within our family corporation. The group management is an already well-established, highly competent team, which allows me to delegate the operative responsibility", explains Michael Egger about his decision. „Thomas Leissing, Ulrich Bühler and Walter Schiegl enjoy the full confidence of the Egger family. They will continue to manage the corporation along our lines.“
Since 2000 the EGGER group management consisted of Michael Egger (61) and Walter Schiegl (49). Walter Schiegl has already been with EGGER since 1980. Amongst other things he has been plant director for production and technology in Wörgl (Austria) and Brilon (Germany), and since November 2000 he belongs to the group management. At the beginning of 2005 Dr. Thomas Leissing (38) took over the executive management for finances/administration, as well as the logistics of the EGGER Group. He was previously responsible for Corporate Finance at the Wienerberger Group. As spokesman of the executive management, Leissing will coordinate the cooperation within the group management. In May 2006 the circle was extended with Ulrich Bühler (47). He is responsible for marketing and sales. Bühler has been with EGGER since 2000 and was previously responsible for the national management for marketing and sales in Germany. In the past two years Michael Egger has already been concentrating on the orientation of the group within the group management. Within the scope of his advisory board activity he will now be increasing his focus on this.
Michael Egger has accompanied and decisively shaped the whole development of the Tyrolese corporate group, from the first chipboard plant in St. Johann, up to the international corporate group with 16 plants in six European countries and 5,700 employees. The corporation had last opened a plant in the Romanian town of Radauti and has taken a sawmill into operation at the Brilon (Germany) location, which extends the product range of EGGER with solid wood products and secures the raw materials supply of the location.
The EGGER Group counts amongst the leading European wood materials manufacturers, and from their plants they supply to the furniture industry, wood wholesale trade, flooring trade and DIY markets.


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