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Supporting edge

Support edges in MDF HD quality are used as technical edges for trouble-free decor edging, especially for thin top layers. This detailed solution creates a significant difference in edge quality. At the cutting edge it provides stable edging, the same as conventional wood-based materials.Through the use of support edges, excellentedging results are achieved with thick boards and/or thin top layers. In the case of lightweight boards, the support edges stabilise the outer layers in the margin area against each other.


  • To improve the edging quality of postformable worktops
  • For perfect edge quality of furniture sides or shelvessheathed with finish film
  • For homogeneous, continuous edge optics on coreboards/block boards
  • Technical edging as a finish of composite or honeycomb panel materials and coreboards of further decorative edges
  • As a spacer for packaging


  • Homogeneous surface on the front side for optimumedging quality
  • Higher impact resistance on the edge
  • More cost-effective than usinga frame


EGGER Scandinavia

NOTE: All shown decors are reproductions.