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Rising high with wooden skyscrapers

Wooden housing is reaching ever more impressive heights: are "woodscrapers" really the buildings of the future?

The "Wildspitze" in Hamburg has an estimated completion date of 2021. At 64 metres, this 18-floor tower will be Germany's tallest wooden building.
© Störmer Murphy und Partners

It has been suggested that the – theoretical – height limit is around 1,000 metres.
In terms of climate protection, using wood as a building material makes sense.

The HoHo is currently the tallest wooden skyscraper, standing proud against the Vienna skyline. © schreinerkastler

The 21-storey, wood-hybrid residential tower HAUT in Amsterdam has an estimated completion date of 2020. © HAUT – Team V Architecture

The wooden cladding and the striking protuberances on the sharp corners of this building make the architecture of HAUT unmistakable. © HAUT – Team V Architecture

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