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  • Architect Fuzzy's Woodart breaks with tradition and uses the trendy colour black in the design of this kitchen.
    Wiener Neustadt (AT)

    Dark nuances make clear statements

    Fashionably chic and enduringly classic

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  • Fuzzy's Woodart
    Heiligenreich (AT)

    A kitchen design that convinces

    Elegance and naturalness harmoniously combined

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  • The reception area equipped with new cabinets made of furniture components with Clic technology.
    Kiel and Lübeck (DE)

    Innovative Clic furniture components for one of the most modern university hospitals in Europe

    The "hospitals of the future" in Kiel and Lübeck were equipped with over 30,000 m2 of EGGER furniture components with Clic connection.

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  • The shop has a seductive industrial look.
    Shop Baruthia (DE)

    A traditional company repositions itself

    A new workwear store with an industrial look.

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  • It was completed in the summer of 2018.
    Seewalchen (AT)

    A wooden house with special insulation

    In Seewalchen am Attersee, an open and light-flooded single-family house was built over the last few years. The special feature of this project is the insulation, for which almost 1,000 straw bales were installed in the outer walls and on the roof.

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  • The guest house consists of six interconnected hexagonal structures.
    Koblenz (DE)

    Residential honeycombs for the Max-Otto-Bruker-Haus

    In order to fulfill the wishes of its guests, the company for health consulting in Lahnstein (Germany) decided to build its own apartment building. The architect was inspired by the hexagonal honeycombs.

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  • Bartending School
    Bartending School (DE)

    A showroom with lots of space for learning

    An elegant bar with a feel-good character, which seduces with functionality as well as design.

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  • Bosch Office
    České Budějovice (CZ)

    Office premises of Bosch, not just for work but also relaxation

    The construction of office furniture, with a fresh and modern look, was completed within 8 months and included the delivery of the furniture for the entire technology centre.

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  • School Kotten (CH)
    School Kotten (CH)

    Much generosity for the new school in Kotten

    A project that emphasises lightness, calm and brightness

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  • The redesign of the Einhorn J Pharmacy combines design, tradition and regionalism
    Hagen (DE)

    Redesign of a pharmacy

    The redesign of the Einhorn J Pharmacy combines design, tradition and regionalism

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  • New Forum building Unterradlberg
    New forum building Unterradlberg (AT)

    Modular building with a format

    The new Forum building at the Unterradlberg site was completed this summer. The building, designed as a modular element structure, is built according to the same principle as the headquarters in St. Johann in Tirol.

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  • New school building in timber panel construction in Wismar
    Wismar (DE)

    New school building in timber panel construction in Wismar

    A feel-good place was created in Wismar for 360 school children and their school team, which should bring joy and fun to learning.

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