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Optician Rosiewicz Optyka

Bielsko-Biala (PL)

Interior design with vision

In an opticians in Poland, vision is also important when it comes to interior design.
When designing the commercial surface of the opticians Rosiewicz Optyka in Bielsko-Biala in Poland, the focus was on high-quality design. EGGER's PerfectSense Gloss lacquered boards in U999 PG Black and W1000 PG Premium White create a sophisticated, high-gloss effect, while the decor Natural Halifax Oak with its synchronised pore surface provides a natural accent.
The bright white of the shelves and furniture stands out thanks to the interplay of different materials: wood, marble and tiles. The high reflective properties of PerfectSence Gloss enhance the mirror effect of the glasses on display. Used with other decors, these board creates the perfect background on which to present the optician's products.

Implemented by:

Builder / client:

Rosiewicz Optyka, Bielsko-Biala (PL)


Brandy’s Design, Lukasz Brandys,


Invente Sp. z o.o., Zory,


© Tom Kurek


All shown decors are reproductions.