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Less is more

A cost-neutral construction, Zero 1 does not skimp on quality, design or innovation.

New look, proven quality: The new Metro supermarket Zero 1. METRO © Walter Ebenhofer, Steyr

Ecological construction at the highest of environmental standards with sustainability and exceptional quality at very economical prices – that was the brief for the architects and planners. The result is Zero 1, the first wooden-built supermarket from the Austrian METRO chain, constructed in accordance with the “plus energy” standard.
As an eco-wonder, Zero 1 is fundamentally changing the structure of superstore outlets.
While the existing Metro stores were built to basic energy standards and with regular building materials, Zero 1 has raised the bar in these areas.

In order to create a sustainable, highly energy-efficient building, Zero 1 was constructed on the basis of a timber frame. Compared to other building materials, the amount of energy required to build a plus energy building like Zero 1 is marginal.

The high build quality and the high energy standards contributed towards a drastic reduction in the build costs – in fact, it cost no more to build than a regular supermarket.

The ecological approach is evident in the interior with wood and wooden composites.
The wooden finishes on all visible surfaces within the supermarket give the space a warm and welcoming feel. The unpolished EGGER OSB 4 TOP and EGGER OSB 3 boards that were used for the roof structure and the walls were installed with the intention of being seen, and simply enhance the natural ambience.

Their striking, coarse texture creates a living design and they also meet the highest of quality standards thanks to their excellent technical qualities.

Visible wooden finishes promise a warm and welcoming environment. METRO © Walter Ebenhofer, Steyr