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OSB Tongue and Groove

OSB Tongue and Groove

As soon as board edges with a durable and firm bond are required, our OSB 3 tongue and groove with a stable profile are the ideal product. They are suitable for use in structural timber construction and interior design, for the production of load-bearing floors, for roof formwork and as dry screeds.

\nLike all our OSB, the tongue and groove boards also have a 3-layer structure of flat, aligned strands (micro-veneers). The two cover layers are aligned parallel in the direction of the long edge of the board, the middle layer is perpendicular to it. This layer structure guarantees sound mechanical strength and the required stiffness.

\nThe production uses fresh conifer wood, various glue systems and paraffin wax.


  • Very stable
  • Dry and fast to install
  • Available sanded or unsanded
  • Even surface for conventional floor coverings