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Our environmental cycle – sustainability is more than a word for us.

The EGGER Eco Cycle

We stand for the responsible use of the raw material wood. Like in nature, we also organise our processes in cycles that conserve resources. Our focus is on our closed material cycle.

Sustainable forestry

Sustainable forestry
We are committed to promoting sustainable forestry. We ensure compliance with legal and social standards in our supply chains. Our wood comes from 100 % verified legal and controlled sources according to ISO 38200. We buy roundwood preferably from certified forests in the purchasing region.

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Use of sawmill by-products

We prefer to buy by-products from regional and certified sawmills. By using by-products we save natural resources.

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Wood-based material production and further processing

Wood material production
To continually improve our environmental performance in the production process, we are opting for internationally certified energy and environmental management systems in accordance with ISO 50001, ISO 14001 and EMAS.

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Planning and application

Consumer / Product Environmental Performance Assessment
We provide full transparency with Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). They provide professionals with important information on environmental and health aspects, and are also available to interested end-users – for each of our base products.

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We recycle waste wood in our production of wood-based materials. It comes from disposed goods such as furniture, pallets or packaging material. In this way we conserve fresh resources and extend the effect of CO2 storage.

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Renewable energy

Renewable Energy
We convert heat into green electricity in our own biomass power plants. The biomass and wood residues can no longer be used as materials in production.

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  • Our raw material grows again

    More from wood means more transparency.

    True to our mission "More from wood", it is important for us to act sustainably, conserve resources and promote climate protection. Our sustainability indicators make the environmental performance of each individual product transparent.

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  • Sustainability Report

    Sustainability Report

    EGGER takes its responsibilities seriously, for products, production, as well as for employees and society. Read more about our sustainability performance in our Sustainability Report.

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  • Environmental Brochure

    Environmental Brochure

    Sustainable construction and healthy living with EGGER wood-based materials. The environmental brochure contains the most important information on sustainability, resource conservation, environmental performance assessment, environmental labels and building certification.

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  • Resource efficiency

    Resource efficiency

    To achieve the maximum potential from raw material, we subscribe to the concept of cascading use.

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