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F206 PM Black Pietra Grigia

PerfectSense lacquered boards 297 x 210 x 19 mm edged on four sides with accent edging


Black Pietra Grigia displays a strong character, which offers good opportunities to play the black-and-white theme with white in all textures or white wood types, especially because of its white veins. Intense colour accents, e.g. from the segment of red, are also possible. The decor achieves an elegant, smooth-matt stone feel with the surface PM PerfectSense Premium Matt. This marble even looks very authentic on large surfaces, as it displays fewer repetitions due to the XL repeat. Decor is directionally bound. The F8911 PM edging is adapted to the Black Pietra Grigia decor F206 on the high-quality lacquered surface PM PerfectSense Premium Matt.

Weight: 0.88 kg

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