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Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

We pride ourselves in establishing and maintaining strong and effective relationships with our suppliers.

We believe that integrity, reliability, respect, and sustainability are more than just words. In fact we believe that these values are at the core of how we conduct business and how we interact with our business partners. We pride ourselves in establishing business relationships that foster strong and effective long term partners. Whether you are a sawmill looking to sell large or small quantities of wood or a logger looking to sell a few loads we value all business and understand the importance of a good business relationship. By working to ensure respect and reliability, we strive for partnerships that are mutually beneficial and offer the following:

  • Competitive market rates
  • Prompt and reliable payment terms
  • A consistent and reliable market for your materials
  • Regular contact with our experienced wood purchasers
  • Logistic advantages for supply

Innovation is the key to our long term success, and the drive for continual improvement of information flow with our partners. Via the CoSeDat portal, we provide our supply partners with the relevant data in digital form with regards to deliveries and self-bill invoicing. Together with our suppliers we work on continuous process improvement and digitization in order to ensure an optimal supply chain for all parties.