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Vicenza Oak  |  An Elegant Foundation

H3158 ST19

Vicenza Oak replicates the look of a rift sawn oak, showing a narrow, linear woodgrain. This classic and elegant look allows it to serve as a neutral foundation for your everyday designs. These decors deliver the naturalness of wood while not distracting from the other elements that bring your design together. The natural color variant of this understated classic includes subtle gray undertones that perform beautifully in modern designs, while Grey Vicenza Oak offers a modern retro feel.

See how avenue design inc. used Vicenza Oak to create natural elegance in a suburban Toronto home.

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Our Vicenza Oak Decors

Our striking Vicenza Oak woodgrain design is available in both a natural color and gray variant to harmonize with a variety of color schemes.

H3157 ST12
H3157 ST12
H3158 ST19
H3157 ST12  Vicenza Oak offers an alternative to existing classical oaks. An elegant version of a rift cut oak with a striking woodgrain structure, its subtle color play and light gray undertones give the decor a very modern appearance. The ST12 Omnipore Matt texture provides the decor with even more natural character.

H3158 ST19  Grey Vicenza Oak is a rift cut oak with warm taupe tones. It combines well with a wide range of solid colors to create modern designs. The ST19 Deepskin Excellent texture also adds a natural touch to the decor.

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