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PerfectSense: Ready To Impress


Whether the goal is an elegant yet comfortable ambient feeling or creating an air of exclusivity – PerfectSense delivers with visual perfection and a tactile experience. Joining our well-known solid decors in gloss and matte, the new collection now also includes material reproductions.

PerfectSense Gloss lacquered boards

PerfectSense Gloss

PerfectSense Gloss creates an air of exclusivity thanks to its unmatched brilliance, and represents pure luxury. Rooms appear lighter and larger thanks to its high-gloss level and its reflective nature.


PerfectSense Matt lacquered boards

PerfectSense Matt

PerfectSense Matt is fully on trend with its matte, velvety surface. The high-quality surfaces offers fingerprint resistance, so touching the surface is definitely allowed!


Laminate PerfectSense Topmatt

Laminate PerfectSense Topmatt

Laminate PerfectSense Topmatt is ideal for horizontal and high-traffic surfaces. Use it where a combination of matte design and durability is required.


In Perfect Harmony

U999 PerfectSense HighGloss
U999 PM Edge Banding
U999 PM Laminate
For harmonious surface-to-edge designs, you can find matching ABS edge bandss for all PerfectSense lacquered boards. The matching laminate is also available to achieve a continuous room/decor concept.

HighGloss laminate is the recommended laminate solution to coordinate with PerfectSense Gloss lacquered boards (the gloss level of PerfectSense Gloss may vary).

NOTE: All shown decors are reproductions.