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Cleaning flooring and taking care of EGGER flooring properly

Wir zeigen Ihnen wie das Boden Reinigen richtig funktioniert!

With EGGER Laminate flooring or Comfort flooring, you have selected an easy-care floor. All our floor coverings are easy to clean and maintain.  Thanks to the sealed surface, all EGGER flooring is dirt-repellent and hygienic. Wiping flooring with a damp cloth or vacuuming it is usually sufficient. The moisture-resistant Aqua+ laminate flooring can even be steam cleaned, which is why it can also be perfectly used in commercial areas.

Here are a few tips about how easy cleaning floors is done:

The best to keep dirt away from your flooring is to place doormats at the entrance to rooms. When dirt appears, vacuuming with the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner will help. It is advisable to regularly wipe the flooring with a damp cloth, making sure you wipe in direction of the floorboards.

Cleaning laminate and getting rid of stains

How to clean laminate and easily get rid of stubborn stains.

It is usually not necessary to buy an expensive flooring cleaner. In the case of stubborn stains like coffee, tea, soft drinks, fruit or milk stains, lukewarm water is often sufficient, and if needed a standard household vinegar-based cleaner can do the job. Colored stains such as lipstick, drawing ink, tar etc. can easily be removed with an absorbent cloth and a standard universal cleaner or stain remover. Take care that these cleaners are also suitable for your flooring, and don’t forget to treat the area with water afterwards.

How to best protect EGGER flooring:

  • Attach felt gliders under all furniture feet.
  • Use soft furniture castors (type W).
  • When moving furniture, lift it, do not push it.
  • Remove standing moisture immediately.

You can find more information about EGGER flooring here: