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News> EGGER launches Decorative Collection designed for North America

EGGER launches Decorative Collection designed for North America

The first EGGER Decorative Collection for North America will offer a full range of matching decorative surface options. Architects, designers, fabricators and distributors exploring this inaugural collection will discover the most successful decors of the previous global collection, supplemented with new trends from Europe and designs developed specially for the North American market.

The collection delivers a comprehensive range of authentic woodgrain and material reproductions, alongside solid colors, in texture finishes ranging from trendy ultra-matte to upscale, mirror-like gloss to embossed-in-register (EIR) textures, which offer the authentic character of real wood.

Decors will be available across a full product suite, including thermally fused laminates (TFL), laminates and edge banding (with more than 200 matching, accent and end grain variants). The collection also includes laminates with a colored core for seamless finishes and painting grade TFL and edge banding for maximum creative latitude. EGGER’s Feelwood and PerfectSense ranges are premium highlights of the collection, delivering striking, upscale looks for any project.

To better serve the needs of architects, designers and fabricators as they work to meet project deadlines, EGGER is also launching its first EGGER Decorative Collection app. The app works hand-in-hand with traditional sample books and print marketing brochures to offer the best of the collection at your fingertips.

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The EGGER Decorative Collection for North America: 96 decors with designs created exclusively for North American customers.

Note: All shown decors are reproductions.