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EGGER Decorative Collection Marketing Tools

North American Marketing Tools

The complete collection in formats that meet your needs.

Our marketing materials can help you with your planning, presentations, and customer meetings. Both our EGGER Decor Binder and EGGER Decor Guide include the entire collection, and highlight the Decor Match System of matching TFL, laminates and edge banding.

Our Decor Binder and Guide pair seamlessly with our digital resources, including our EGGER Decorative Collection App, Virtual Design Studio and Knowledge Hub, to offer you all the resources you need to work with the collection.

EGGER Decor Binder

  • Ideal for Architects and Designers
  • Samples are organized into two swatches (A and B), with swatch A being removable for direct side-by-side comparisons
  • Includes decor scans and full decor overview

EGGER Decor Binders

EGGER Decor Guide

  • Ideal for Fabricators
  • Samples flip up to reveal decor scans (for wood & material reproductions) or Pantone and NCS colors (for whites & solid colors)
  • Fabricators can specify from the guide, since samples are real and not printed

EGGER Decor Guides
To request your marketing tools, reach out to your sales or A&D representative, or e-mail us at

Note: All decors shown are reproductions.