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Habermann Butchery

Preetz (DE)

Because the eye is part of the eating experience too

A family business with a new look
A new design with a modern and exclusive look gives character to the Habermann Butchery in Preetz (DE) following the renovation. PerfectSense Gloss lacquered boards from EGGER used as wall cladding creates a modern effect. The high gloss U999 Black decor instantly draws attention to the butchery's produce.

PerfectSense is both practical and stylish and in this case it has been used to display information about special offers and specialties. These are written in white directly on to the boards and immediately catches the customer's attention. To create an even bolder stylistic connection between the bistro and the sales area, the PerfectSense lacquered boards were creatively used as picture frames.

Products used

Implemented by:

Customer / Builder:

Fleischerei Habermann
Preetz (DE)


Aichinger GmbH
Wendelstein (DE)

Construction period:

November to December 2015


All shown decors are reproductions.