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Best Western Plus Vauxhall

London (UK)

Best Western Plus Vauxhall chooses EGGER

EGGER decors and accessories help transform a Georgian property into one of their latest hotels.

Designed by Jacqueline Summers Interiors, the EGGER Decorative Collection 2017 – 2019 has helped to create a serene, relaxing and contemporary interior. H3342 ST28 Sepia Gladstone Oak features in all 28 bedrooms. This decor is part of EGGER’s Feelwood collection giving the texture of real wood by using synchronised pore technology. In the bathroom H1477 ST22 Green Grey Avola is used to complement the decor in the bedroom.

To create a consistent finish H3342 ST28 Sepia Gladstone Oak is used in the public areas. Uni colours U708 ST15 Light Grey and U741 Lava Grey feature on accent pieces of furniture to complement the interior.

Jacqueline Summers said, "EGGER offers a fantastic selection of great value contemporary decors across a number of formats. This gave us the ability to use their decors across the hotel to give a balanced and relaxing interior with a consistent finish."

Realised by:

Customer / Builder:

Best Western Plus, Vauxhall (UK),


Jacqueline Summers Interiors Ltd, London (UK),


TNV Construction (UK),

Construction period:

February 2016 – February 2017


All shown decors are reproductions.