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More than just a place to work: Treating our employees with respect and providing great benefits ensures that they feel comfortable with us.

EGGER supports

1. EGGER supports

Family Care 
We support our employees in balancing both family and career. This includes working with local daycare centers to help ensure that their little ones are in good hands.

Security for Retirement
Ensuring financial security in retirement is more important than ever. To assure you are well taken care of EGGER provides full-time employees with a 401k option.

Support in all areas of life
Specific situations in life can require special and individual solutions, for these instances we work with local partners to support you.

EGGER fortifies

2. EGGER Strengthens

Local Food
Employees can enjoy great meals during their lunch breaks, as EGGER is working to bring food trucks and other local options to the work site.

Keeping Fit
We pay particular attention to our health: from check-ups to specialized care - our health management program keeps you fit and healthy. To ensure our employees lead active lifestyles we find discounts for sports and gym memberships. With our EGGER Runs initiative, we are not only doing good for ourselves and our health, but also something for a good cause. For every mile run by our employees at an official running event, we donate 5 dollars to a local charity.

EGGER allows for free space

3. EGGER Promotes work-life balance

Attractive and flexible working hours
With our flex-time model, our office employees can schedule their weeks themselves, according to core working hours and operational requirements..

Part-Time Work
Some of our employees require part-time employment. Supporting this flexibility is important to us. We accommodate part-time work for employees by providing flexible hours for employees, regardless of age or ability level. 

EGGER helps save

4. EGGER Helps Save

Employee Discounts
Our goal is to produce the highest quality products, and our employees receive a special discount on our entire range of products as our way to say "Thank you!"

Local Deals
Additionally, we cooperate with local partners to organize attractive deals and discounts that our employees can benefit from. Including discounts on electronics, vehicle discounts for fueling and washing services, and more!

Our range of additional services may vary slightly depending on location.