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Thinking Differently.

Thinking further. Thinking about what’s next.
Visit us at our AWFS Booth #4008

We’re bringing our innovative wood-based materials
to North America.

As the global leader in the manufacturing of wood-based materials we are trusted by fabricators, architects and customers worldwide. Now, we’re bringing our culture of innovation and our commitment to excellence stateside with a production site in Lexington, NC. You’ll be able to create your dream space, plan and design with our new inspirational ideas in kitchens, baths, closets and everyday modern spaces.

Experience the possibilities of thinking differently by visiting our booth #4008 at AWFS at the Las Vegas Convention Center from July 17–20, 2019.

Wood-Based Products

Wood-Based Products

Our wood-based, thermally fused laminate (TFL) line can help you deliver a great final product — a beautiful choice for high-performance surfaces — while building your business.

Other benefits of working with TFL include:
  • Giving you and your customers many design options
  • Allowing you to save on material costs, which you can pass on to your customers
  • Helping you streamline your supply chain operations
  • Making it easy for you to offer advice and guidance, with a comprehensive range of services and tools
  • Increasing customer satisfaction while boosting your bottom line

Color and Style Options

Color and Style Options

Our commitment to authenticity is evident throughout our collection, with products full of expression, character, depth and realism. Take your pick from hundreds of decors, in a variety of different materials and realize your projects with the perfect color and shade. Try out various color combinations to see how they look in various applications using our online EGGER Design Guide.

North America and You

North America and You

If you’re based in the U.S. or Canada, you’ll reap tremendous benefits from the opening of our first plant in Lexington, NC. You’ll get design flexibility and faster service, as well as access to matching products from stock — all sourced from us, your single supplier for laminate, TFL and edge banding.


All shown decors are reproductions.