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Ideal bedroom design

The ability to make a bedroom completely dark is a prerequisite for a deep sleep!


Dim the light in the right way

Having sufficient light on your bed for reading in the evening is of course advisable. However, you should take care to keep the lighting mood muted in the bedroom – this helps your body optimally tune in to the forthcoming night’s sleep. For the best night’s sleep your sleeping area should be completely dark: Opaque curtains or roller blinds are the best way to dive into the land of dreams! You can bolster the dimmed room ambience with tranquil floor decors in muted or darker colours. In the decor selection of our EGGER Comfort Floors, which are also warm and absorb impact noise, you will surely find something that suits your needs!

A reading lamp by your bed is handy!


Quiet colours

The bedroom is a place to relax and put your mind at rest. Colours can encourage this state of mind. Natural tones such as a soft Blue or a tasteful Green are predestined. The former has a cooling effect and relaxes the mind, the latter conveys security, evokes nature and brightens the mood. Be careful with signal colours or too gaudy tones: Red or a glowing Purple have an invigorating and stimulating effect.

Tasteful colours in the bedroom create a peaceful atmosphere and ensure restful sleep!

Colours have a calming or stimulating effect!


Make your bed, then sleep in it!

Do yourself, your back and your quality of sleep some good and equip your bed with a coordinated system of a mattress, a slatted frame and choose the underpad according to your weight and physique! When choosing the bed frame, you should choose a model with feet in small rooms, as this is less bulky. In particularly spacious bedrooms, however, large beds look somewhat more cosy and inviting. It is best not to overload your bed with pillows – these can disturb your sleep!

Finding the right bed is a very individual matter! Count on professional advice!

Customise your bed, slatted frame and mattress.

Isn’t it pleasant to get out of bed in the morning and walk on a warm floor?


The right flooring ensures more comfort

Getting out of your warm and cosy bed in the morning is often a small achievement in itself! It is even harder when your bare feet are greeted by a cold floor. But from now on this feeling is a distant memory. The EGGER Comfort Floor is warm, soft and quiet! Cold feet in the morning are a thing of the past!

The EGGER Comfort Floor is warm, soft and quiet!

This sleeping area may seem very attractive at first glance, yet it is somewhat unsettling for restful sleep.


Locking out everyday life!

The living space is a mirror of the soul – You do not have to be a supporter of the Feng Shui doctrine to get a grain of truth out of this statement. Clutter, a laptop lying around, wardrobe chaos or no space to work: All these things unsettle the soul and should ideally be banished from the bedroom. On the contrary, coordinated furniture in tasteful colours and sufficient storage space as well as simple decoration should introduce a feeling of clarity into the bedroom. If it is not possible to separate your sleeping and working areas, we recommend at the least to visually screen the view from the bed to the desk or PC with room dividers. To ensure the best possible quality of sleep, everyday life and its worries should be locked out. A nice tip: Have a small notebook ready by your bed to write down any thoughts occupying your mind in the evening.

This is how it shouldn’t look: Minimalism is the keyword!


All shown and mentioned decors are reproductions.