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Renovating stairs with the EGGER PRO stair system

As the only connection between two storeys, stairs are often exposed to high loads. The EGGER PRO stair system offers a simple solution, whether it is for renovating stairs that are past their best or for redesigning purposes.
The modular system consists of laminate steps and the stabilisation profile can be flexibly applied. It can even be used on spiral staircases and a variety of step widths.


Before renovating stairs with laminate


Finished laminate stair system
The EGGER PRO stair system enables cost-effective stair renovation with laminate. By using EGGER PRO Overall decors, you can install the adjoining flooring harmoniously using the same flooring colour as the stairs. The different areas therefore look like one unit.

Explanatory video

How to renovate stairs with laminate

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Design the flooring and stairs in the same colour

Staircase flooring with Overall decors
Refined, contemporary or cosy - there is a choice of four appealing oak decors with overall decors to suit the style required. Our PRO stair system is available in the new EGGER PRO flooring collection as Laminate flooring, Comfort flooring and Design flooring.

This means that you can install the flooring and the stairs in the same flooring colour. The steps themselves are made of resilient laminate. At the top and bottom of the stairs, you then choose, depending on your requirements, one of our types of flooring (Laminate, Comfort or Design flooring) in the same decor.

Take a look at our Overall decors

What must you bear in mind when renovating stairs?

To implement the new stair solution quickly and safely, we recommend clarifying the following points at the planning stage:

  • What kind of stairs are involved? The EGGER PRO stair system is suitable for both straight and spiral staircases, with or without landing surfaces.
  • What different packs (step sets/ platform step/ side panel) do you need for the stairs?
  • How many packs do you need for the steps?
  • Are additional materials needed, such as adhesives, colour matching acrylic?
How to construct the PRO laminate stair system

Find the pack contents of the PRO stair system here:

Once you have determined the dimensions and number of steps on the stairs, you can work out the materials needed by means of the pack contents. Take the necessary accessories into account when buying the materials. Once you have all the materials together, you can clad the stairs with laminate.

Stair set especially for successful stair renovation with laminate

Pack 1: EGGER step set 1150

  • For straight stairs
  • Dimension: 1150 x 500 x 60 mm
  • Pack contents:

    • 2 steps
    • 2 stabilisation rails (L = 830 mm)
    • 8 screws + rosettes
Spiral stairs for successful stair renovation with laminate

Pack 2: EGGER step set 1450

  • For spiral staircases
  • Dimension: 1450 x 500 x 60 mm
  • Pack contents:

    • 2 steps
    • 2 stabilisation rails (L = 1250 mm)
    • 8 screws + rosettes
Platform steps for successful stair renovation with laminate

Pack 3: EGGER platform step 1280

  • Dimension: 1280 x 119 x 60 mm
  • With UNI fit! click connection
  • Pack contents:

    • 1 platform step
    • 1 stabilisation rail (L = 1250 mm)
    • 8 screws + rosettes
Side cover for open stairs for successful stair renovation with laminate

Side panel

  • Dimension: 500 x 12 x 68 mm
  • For covering open steps
  • Made of solid wood
  • Pack contents:

    • 1 side panel
    • 1 angle trim


All shown decors are reproductions. Colour-matching decor selection only possible on the original sample.

You can find more information about EGGER flooring here: