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Colour System

A sea of colourful houses

Imagine a wide rainbow of illuminating colours spanning the globe, from Innsbruck and Burano, Wroclaw and Copenhagen, all the way to Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro. Picture whole streets, districts, marinas and coastlines with row upon row of houses, decked out in every conceivable shade. These colourful facades truly are a treat for the eyes and can quite rightly be called a collection of rainbow houses.

The history behind these magnificent displays of colour across the globe are as diverse as the shades themselves.

In the Brazilian favela of Santa Marta, artists decorated houses with an array of colours to both strengthen the sense of belonging and to improve the mood of those who lived there. The brightly-coloured houses of Manarola in Italy, reminiscent of multi-coloured pearls dotted among the rocky outcrops, were supposedly painted to warn mariners of the treacherous cliffs ahead. In Cape Town, houses were adorned with vibrant colours to celebrate the end of apartheid and in Tirana, the dull and dreary grey concrete of the Communist era were given a fresh and colourful makeover.

Vivid structures such as these, in the most diverse of regions around the world, inspired the new “Colour Systems” style of the EGGER Decorative Collection 2017-2019, with natural shades of green, dynamic reds and muted blue tones.

Manarola - Cinque Terre

The vibrant village of Manarola is one of five villages that make up the famous Italian coastal strip of Cinque Terre.


All shown decors are reproductions.