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EGGER underlays ensure stable flooring

When installing flooring, use underlays that match our flooring. Underlay provides protection from noise when used with laminate, can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating and are also suitable for use in wet areas.

The right flooring substructure is particularly important for a good result when installing flooring. When installing EGGER laminate flooring and Design flooring as a floating installation, we recommend our EGGER Silenzio underlay designed for the system. Alternative underlays that may be used can be found on our download page. In the case of EGGER Comfort flooring, the cork underlay already integrated provides outstanding protection from noise.

EGGER Silenzio Duo – Our "All in one" underlay

The Silenzio Duo underlay provides many benefits: Laminate impact noise insulation and flooring vapour barrier

With the Silenzio Duo underlay from EGGER, you complete two tasks simultaneously. It acts both as an insulation underlay as well as a vapour barrier for the flooring. It is therefore suitable for wet areas and can also installed with underfloor heating.

Product features:

  • 40.0 t/m2
  • Impact sound improvement 17 dB (A)
  • Walking sound reduction 30%
  • Heat conductivity 0.04 m2xK/W
  • SD value = 75 m
  • Thickness: 1.5 mm (81.10”)
  • Pack contents: 10 m2

EGGER Silenzio Easy provides optimal noise protection

The Silenzio Easy underlay provides laminate impact noise insulation

Our Silenzio Easy underlay is suitable for comfortably reducing noise in a room. This underlay also works in conjunction with underfloor heating.

Product features:

  • Pressure stability >11.0 t/m2
  • Impact sound improvement 18 dB (A)
  • Walking sound reduction 25%
  • Thermal resistance 0.057 m2xK/W
  • Thickness: 2 mm (81.10”)
  • Pack contents: 15 m2

Aqua+ Aluflex - our vapour barrier as protection against moisture

Flooring vapour barrier for protection against moisture

This high-quality vapour barrier protects the flooring from rising residual moisture from adjoining structural elements. If you are installing EGGER Flooring on a screed, a vapour barrier is indispensable.

  • 1 roll = 26m²
  • SD value = 75 m
  • Thickness: 0.2 mm

Aqua+ Alutape - the sealing tape for flooring in damp areas

Use the Aqua+ Alutape to seal flooring

If you are installing EGGER Aqua+ laminate in a damp area, we recommend using the Aqua+ Alutape in the area bordering the walls as protection against moisture. This sealing tape also replaces the use of spacer wedges and makes installing flooring much quicker and more convenient.


  • Length: 20 lm
  • Width: 7.5 cm

You can find more information about EGGER flooring here: