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Jungle Style

Journey back in time to the Naturalists of the 19th century with the botanics-inspired trend for home interiors.

Over 200 years ago, Alexander von Humbolt and the scholars of his time fought their way through dense thickets of leaves. On countless expeditions, driven by the unrestrained curiosity of explorers, they scoured primeval forests in the search for new plant species. They illustrated their finds in numerous drawings so that those who stayed at home could revel in the distant jungle flora. But those of us today who yearn for an adventure in interiors, to bring the primeval forests into our homes, have it considerably easier: just jump on board with the current botanics-inspired trend. ‘Greenmania’ is the desire for nature and lends interiors a touch of the exotic. Whether as wallpaper, soft furnishings or framed botanical illustrations – this trend does not skimp on botany. EGGER’s decors, with their natural green tones, lend any room a botanical flair and are perfect when combined with natural woodgrains.

Bring jungle style to life with EGGER’s green decors


All shown decors are reproductions.