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Viva the Cuban flair

Pastel tones, overflowing with the joy of life, as far as the eye can see: whether it’s newly-sprayed, classic American cars, wooden verandas or the facades... brought to life with EGGER decors.

Buick, Plymouth, Chevrolet, Ford – one after another, these 1950’s American gems cruise up and down the bustling promenade in Malecón. The sound of these classic cars’ engines ticking over mingles with heady salsa rhythms. Young and old alike swing and sway to “Guantanamera” in the magnificent square in the old town. The Caribbean zest for life lingers in the very air of Havana – you can feel it everywhere you turn. Old wealth, new money and the Cuban temperament dance with one another down every picturesque street.

With their preference for pastels, the Cubans have given their historical buildings a unique flair.

Relatively dilapidated yet charming, the houses are resplendent in lush turquoises and deep corals. Colourful embellishments on the facades give each house its own individual accent. The spruced-up colonial buildings also tell of the talent it takes to retain the old while still displaying the optimistic mood that permeates the country today. This Caribbean style provides inspiration for the rest of the world; these lively colours adorn interiors elsewhere. The EGGER decors History Wood, Flamingo Pink and Glacier Blue reach into the treasure trove of the colourful Cuban world and combine retro charm with vibrant pastels.

Dark wood provides a stark contrast to the variety of colours found in the Caribbean. ©jakubtravelphoto


All shown decors are reproductions.