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Much generosity for the new school in Kotten

School Kotten (CH)

A project that emphasises lightness, calm and brightness
The pupils and teachers of the Kotten school (CH) are offered a lot of space for artistic initiative: The goal of the Sursee town council is achieved thanks to a colour and material concept by the architects Hertig Nötzli that radiates a great deal of calm and restraint. The school building's changing rooms are decorated with decors from the EGGER Decorative Collection, such as U608 ST9 Pistachio Green or U540 ST9 Denim Blue. These pastel shades are particularly popular in furniture design to set harmonious accents.

In addition, the school building gains a golden-warm effect thanks to the use of F784 ST2 Brushed Brass on the doors. U608 ST9 Pistachio Green on the back of the doors gives the rooms their lightness.This not only makes spending time at the Kotten school a special experience, but also creates an ideal learning atmosphere that allows creativity, potential and joy to blossom.

Executed by:

Customer / Builder:

City Administration Sursee, Sursee (CH)


Hertig Nötzli Architekten, Aarau (CH)


Bieri + Schwegler AG, Sursee (CH)

bp DESIGN AG, Sursee (CH)

Construction period:


Illustration credits:

© Hertig Nötzli Architekten, Thomas Widmer


All shown decors are reproductions.