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Office premises of Bosch, not just for work but also relaxation

České Budějovice (CZ)

The construction of office furniture, with a fresh and modern look, was completed within 8 months and included the delivery of the furniture for the entire technology centre.
The new Technology Centre of Robert Bosch s.r.o. in České Budějovice occupies 14,200 square metres of floor space. The six-storey building contains testing laboratories, workshops and offices for around 600 employees. New features include the furniture and kitchen, as well as upholstered seating elements, chairs and special decorative furniture-like planters ready for flowers (hydroponics).
Matching EGGER materials were used for the furniture, in particular, H1180 ST 37 Natural Halifax Oak, U960 ST9 Onyx Grey and U899 ST9 Soft Black decors. A unique, modern and functional interior was created within the Bosch offices, where employees can enjoy the state-of-the-art equipment and comfort zones, which are designed for relaxation and to improve the working environment. The result is a comprehensive solution for the office space that belongs among the most modern in South Bohemia.

Executed by:


Bosch Czech Republic
Roberta Bosche 2678, 370 04 České Budějovice

The architect:

3D Architects
Lidická 179/47, České Budějovice

Fabricator and supplier of solutions:

U Pilouse
Plzeňská 293, Dýšina 330 02, Česká Republika

The construction period:


Illustration credits:

© Jakub Misík


All shown decors are reproductions.