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Cocooning atmosphere with Scandinavian vibes

Bucharest (RO)

The fire - a primordial element around which lots of legends and myths developed becomes the central point of this design story.
The kitchen, the source of the fire, the warm place is disposed centrally and is both functional and aesthetic. The proprietors wanted a simple apartment and the Scandinavian style world seemed to match perfectly with their lifestyle. The colours selected, W1000 ST9/ST22 Premium White and F186 ST9 Light Grey Chicago Concrete, enhance the natural light while the U114 ST9 Brilliant Yellow is used as an accent. We can see in this design some wood textures used for the open shelves and for the TV stand.

The cosy sofa gives a modern appearance and becomes the central space for communication and socialisation. The subtle blue from the bedroom helps to break up all the white and it’s not only calming, but it also acts as a light shade. The bed, although large in volume, looks stylish and timeless thanks to its notorious dark grey. At the same time, the oak detail from the make-up table created with H1145 ST10 Natural Bardolino Oak brings naturalness and authenticity. Worth mentioning is also the mirror that hides the radiator being in the same time indispensable for the dressing table.

Executed by:


Ștefania Bobaru, Bucharest, Romania


Euphoria Kitchen Studio, Bucharest, Romania

Illustration credits:

© Arch. Alexandru Prodan

Construction period:

3 months - 2019


All shown decors are reproductions.