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Special surfaces for noticeably natural flooring

Authentic surfaces ensure attractive flooring
Regardless of your customer's requirements, with the wide range of EGGER flooring colours you will be able to find a solution. Using the latest finishing techniques we are able to make the surfaces of our flooring particularly authentic from brushed textures to a special tile effect for stone decors, through to matt surfaces in the style of oiled wooden floors.

Striking surface textures not only give the flooring an authentic character but thanks to the R10 classification, our flooring is also slip resistant.

With our wide range of flooring decors, you can inspire your customers and introduce them to new ideas. We can offer wood, stone and concrete effects in the bathroom and flooring with tile-effect features that create interest in any interior space.

How our flooring surfaces differ:


The Smoothtouch surface provides velvety flooring.
A velvety impression and an extremely fine texture are what characterises flooring with a Smoothtouch surface. Regular surfaces and elegant lacquer finishes are part of this range of surfaces.

Smoothtouch surface decors

Natural Pore

Authentic flooring wood effect thanks to Natural Pore
The Natural Pore surface emulates solid wood. Be it in an authentic woodgrain or rough sawn interpretation, flooring in wood effects with this surface look extremely natural.

Natural Pore surface decors


The Omnipore surface provides elegant flooring.
Omnipore emulates wood effects in a natural, elegant way. This surface with irregular wood pores clearly emphasises the characteristics of different timbers.

Omnipore surface decors


The Mineral surface provides rough looking flooring.
Mineral gives flooring in stone, metal and concrete but also wood effects its authentic appearance. A certain rough quality contributes to the natural look.

Mineral surface decors


The rustic Deepskin surface provides flooring with more depth
Flooring with a Deepskin surface is characterised by a very deep, rustic texture. The alignment of the surface is usually linear.

Deepskin surface decors

Safe flooring without the risk of slipping

Special surfaces ensure safe flooring

The striking surfaces give our flooring a special character and ensure a robustness against abrasion while protecting the decor from fading. Some textures ensure greater surefootedness because they have R10 classification. In entrance areas and on work surfaces, where surefootedness is particularly important, we recommend choosing flooring with R10 slip resistance.

R10 classification decors

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All shown decors are reproductions. Colour-matching decor selection only possible on the original sample.