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Partena health insurance

Ghent (BE)

Healthy construction

Inviting, modern and with a fresh look - this is how the new customer centre of the Belgian health insurance company Partena presents itself.
On an area of approximately 520 m2, the Ghent branch of the Belgian health insurance company received a complete make-over. The interior design office K-ONCEPT decided to use a décor and material combination from EGGER, which makes the customer centre look light and natural.

White is in sync with the elegant wooden accents and the design promises absolute functionality: Wall cabinets and free-standing drawer shelves were built in, offering a lot of sales surface and storage space. All fabricated EGGER products are easy to care for and are well suited to use in public spaces.

Implemented by:

Customer / builder:

Partena Krankenversicherung, Gent (BE),


K-ONCEPT COTTENIER, Kris Roeselare (BE),



Construction period:

December 2013 to April 2014



All shown decors are reproductions.