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Case Studies> Avenue Design Mansion

The facets of contemporary naturalness

Toronto (CA)

An all-rounder that meets all requirements
The EGGER Decorative Collection served as the foundation for this extraordinary project by the interior design firm, avenue design inc., and was able to fully meet the high demands of the customer. Thanks to the decor and material match, combinations of surfaces and textures were created, generating an unmistakable living experience. The H3157 ST12 Vicenza Oak decor was used throughout the entire living area, from the staircase to the bathroom.

It creates exclusivity and could be ideally combined with the dark accents of U999 ST12 Black. Visually, almost indistinguishable from real wood, the EGGER product was particularly convincing due to its fine grain, which allows to blend in perfectly with the house's urban decor. The matching edging from EGGER ensures a seamless appearance. They also enhance the real wood appearance of the cooking island and yet are easier to clean and maintain than natural wood.

Executed by:




avenue design inc.


Line to Line

Construction period:

Completed in 2019


All shown decors are reproductions.