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OSB availability getting better

New OSB installation in Radauti (Romania)
We will significantly expand our capacities for Eurostrand OSB. The chipboard plant in Radauti, which was opened in 2008, will be expanded with an OSB installation with a capacity of 300,000 m³ (10,494,400 cubic feet). 100 new jobs will be created. Construction will commence after the building permit is issued, which is expected to happen within this calendar year. In particular, the markets of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe are to be supplied by the new plant.

“With this investment, EGGER is strengthening its position as a supplier of structural wood-based materials on the one hand; on the other hand, we are establishing the prerequisites in order to continue expanding our market presence in Eastern Europe,” summarises Ulrich Bühler, Head of Sales and Marketing EGGER Group. “Radauti offers ideal conditions for an OSB installation thanks to the existing plant infrastructure as well as the good supply of wood,” Bühler continues.

At this time, we have only one OSB plant in Wismar (Gemany). With a staff that has grown to 750 employees in the meantime, various structural products have been produced there since 1999. This includes the production of Eurostrand OSB boards and fibreboard for the EGGER DHF and DFF product range.

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