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EGGER laminate flooring with enhanced HDF Swell Barrier Plus coreboard

Effective September 2010, all EGGER laminate flooring with a thickness of 7 mm (0.28”) and up will be made exclusively with HDF coreboard of the “SWELL BARRIER PLUS” quality. It features outstanding technical characteristics, meeting all requirements of the EN 13329 standard including application class 33.

In order to simultaneously enhance the customer benefit of our EGGER laminate flooring even further, all EGGER laminate flooring collections (Floorline, Emotion and Megafloor) will be equipped with antistatic features in accordance with the specifications of the EN 1815 standard starting in September 2010. We are refraining from adding pigments to our HDF coreboard so as to guarantee consistent antistatic features in our EGGER products.

As a result, the new “SWELL BARRIER PLUS” HDF coreboard consists exclusively of wood and environmentally friendly resins and will have a natural, brown hue going forward. In addition to all EGGER collections, the HDF coreboard for customer house brands will also be converted to a brown hue.

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