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EGGER collections equipped with antistatic features

People generate static electricity as they walk across a floor. This can result in the sudden discharge of electricity (electric shock) when touching a metal object. The Emotion, Floorline and Megafloor laminate flooring collections from EGGER are equipped with antistatic features that keep the development of static charges to a minimum in accordance with EN1815. Measurements of less than 2kV (kilovolt) have been achieved, which is considered antistatic according to EN 14041. This results in noticeably enhanced comfort!

What is electrical conductivity?
It is the ability of a material to conduct an electrical current. Flooring with an enhanced antistatic discharge capacity is required for certain applications, for example in EDP facilities and control centres as well as areas subject to explosion hazards. Laminate flooring is not suitable for such applications due to the physical characteristics of wood-based materials.

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