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Texture meets colour

From 9 February until 12 February we exhibited on the ZOW in Bad Salzuflen. The main topic was “texture meets colour”. The range of developments which come together with the topic structure and colour were presented.

This fair is an important barometer for the furniture industry and whose suppliers.

There we introduced new wood structures and fantasy structures dominated by the uni decor colours. The uni decors were mainly shown in neutral shades from white to grey to black. Even nacreous has an important topic this year.
In addition the in 2008 on the ZOW presented “grey areas” were useful complemented towards the trend of anthracite.

This year’s topic can be interpreted in several directions. On the one hand “texture meets colour” means the latest frequent to combining wood decors with uni decors. On the other hand the slogan refers to the frequently colouring of wood reproductions.
Another range which the slogan thematized is the intensive interaction of texture and colour which illustrates the actual innovation. In this sector uni decors were especially shown with wood structure.
New were the surface “nature pore ST11” and the new technology “artwave” for the laminates.

Altogether we can say that our exhibition stand was very well visited and the innovations found large encouragement by the furniture industry

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