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News for the furniture Industry!

We are your full-range supplier!

The updated Industry Collection features new decors and textures. It is tailored to your specific needs in the furniture industry and, effective at the beginning of November. In addition, we are premiering the “Products 2009-2010” brochure.

Thereby we present us as an international full-range supplier, offering a fully coordinated product spectrum to you – from trend-conforming decors to coreboards and accessories. In particular, the brochure also includes innovations such as compact laminate, laminated Eurodekor thin chipboard and the expanded acoustic line. A new version of the product brochure will be published each year in keeping with the collection.
The updated Industry collection includes a total of 28 new decors – 18 Eurodekor decors and 10 laminates.

“We are committed to trend-conforming decors and surfaces. The range was significantly expanded with the decors that emerged as favourites at our EGGERZUM in-house exhibition in the spring of 2009,” explains Klaus Monhoff, Head of Decor Management for the EGGER Group. The collection is also taking a fresh direction with the new gloss texture ST30 Gloss-Finish. “Our team constantly monitors various trends around the world that have an impact on the furniture industry. This results in decors and products in keeping with global tastes that also meet regional requirements,” is how Klaus Monhoff, Head of Decor Management for the EGGER Group, describes the Europe-wide trend scouting process.

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