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EGGER brings large format MEGAFLOOR laminate flooring to market


In many cases the kitchen, dining area and living room are planned as a single unit today. The boom in modernisation projects currently underway also reveals that partition walls are increasingly being removed in order to create larger rooms. This is why EGGER has developed a laminate flooring solution with extra long floorboards. These are especially well suited for large, open spaces.

XXL appearance in a handy format

The special feature of this product is that the floorboards in the classic format with a length of approximately 1,30 meters (4.27’) are only bevelled on three edges. A flush connection between the floorboards on the edges that are not bevelled creates the visual appearance of a panel bevelled on four sides, with a length of nearly 2,60 metres (8.53’). The bevel therefore encompasses two panels that are perceived as one. The decor image is continuous across both floorboards, so that the two floorboards together create the authentic impression of a single long floorboard.

EGGER purposefully selected the combination of short floorboards. This is based on the insight that long floorboards are difficult to handle – for markets as well as customers. Flooring customers experience difficulty transporting long floorboards in their vehicle and bringing them into their home. Installation is also more challenging. For the DIY markets, the fact that long floorboards often occupy several pallet spaces represents a challenge. Finishing is also more difficult with overlength floorboards. “Our ‘1+1=XXL’ solution avoids all of these problems,” says Michael Gerbl, Head of Marketing and Product Management at EGGER Retail Products.


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