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EGGER is presenting its 2011 decor innovations under the motto “Authentic – Design goes Natural”

  • H1298 ST22 Sand Lyon Ash
  • H3303 ST22 Natural Arlington Oak
  • H3778 ST9 Natural Caribbean Walnut
  • H1151 ST22 Brown Authentic Oak

Contemporary design requires authentic materials. Interior decorating with a trend towards naturalness forms the focal point. As a result, an increased focus on woodgrain decors is once again apparent. In particular, these decors feature an authentic appearance – the decor image should appear as though it was taken from nature. Available from stock Radauti (RO) and Unterradlberg (AT) starting in April 2011 the programme includes 99 decors in decor and material match.

“We have observed that more naturalness is once again in demand for interior decorating applications,” explains EGGER design expert Klaus Monhoff in regards to the motto. “Naturally, a modern design continues to take centre stage. But now highly natural elements such as knots and a large, florid grain are purposefully used to create exciting contrasts to linear, smooth furniture designs.” EGGER is pursuing this trend with its decor innovations, thereby also further developing last year’s topic of “Nature meets Texture”. All new decors feature even more natural elements such as knots, planks and a varied interplay of colours. In the course of new decor developments EGGER always considers accurately the possibility of combining new decors harmoniously with Uni and Fantasy decors.

One perfect example for this successful strategy is the new decor Sand Nancy Ash (H1298 ST22), which has, as a light woodgrain decor with core, a very natural optic. Due to the slightly glazed wood character and the colour diversity with greyish shades the decor can be combined with a broad variety of accent tones but also natural colours fit perfectly to the appearance of this new ash. Another variety of naturalness and a higher colour range can be found in the decor Natural Caribbean Walnut (H3778 ST9). The light woodgrain with high amount of cores creates an authentic look by using white, grey and brown shades.

Appearing as being taken directly from the nature the decor Natural Arlington Oak (H3303 ST22) provides an optic which can be found usually only with floorings containing knots, planks and crocks. However, the application of this decor switched and it will be used now also in front elements. In this case, the combination with natural Uni colours or straight- and design oriented shapes is especially important to create an exiting mix – Design goes natural. The “rough cut” look has also developed in this context. Here the decor appears unfinished, that is to say unsanded and uncoated, as though it came directly off the saw. A version that exhibits such slight traces of saw cuts but with an overall focus on balanced naturalness is being presented with the Brown Authentic Oak (H1151 ST22)  decor. In this form, it is suitable for all areas of application in the field of furniture construction.

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