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  • The EGGER Truck under the motto “Discover the World of EGGER”
  • The Tyrolean wood-based material manufacturer is presenting itself to its customers

With the custom built EGGER Truck, EGGER customers can experience the entire product range of the wood-based material manufacturer up close and personally. With highly modern technology, it offers space for product presentations, training sessions and events.

EGGER is launching a major European tour in March 2011 – the so-called EGGER Road Show – starting out in Eastern Europe. Distributors, fabricators and architects in particular will have the opportunity to learn about EGGER in a modern showroom on wheels, and to present the company to their own customers.


Effective immediately, EGGER is providing its customers with a special marketing tool under the title “Discover the World of EGGER”. The EGGER Truck equipped with highly modern technology offers insights into the world of EGGER and can be used for product presentations, training sessions and events. “We are offering a new dimension of partner marketing to fabricators, architects and distributors. They can inform themselves in the EGGER Truck on the one hand and use it for customer presentations on the other hand. In doing so, they benefit from our know-how and we strengthen our sales partnerships,” says Hubert Höglauer, Head of Marketing EGGER Group, about the concept. The main focus of EGGER is to provide its customers with convenient, on-site access to information about the latest solutions for living and working with wood. “The EGGER Truck is a unique platform for our customers, offering an overview of all our products and solutions,” Höglauer says. Distributors can also obtain training related to EGGER products and organise their own customer events. The showroom is available for both presentations and events.
Beyond providing the interactive and modern showroom, the Tyrolean wood-based material manufacturer also supports its customers with a marketing package. Invitations, flyers, roll-ups or posters are prepared in cooperation with the customer. “The partnership concept takes centre stage for us in this project. In addition to the right products, we also offer innovative solutions and services to our customers,” Hubert Höglauer says. EGGER distributors can also book seminars and training sessions in the truck for their customers. “We always strive to meet the needs of our customers, offering support for the sale of our products in many different ways. Long-term customer relationships are the basis for shared success,” Hubert Höglauer explains.

Starting out in Eastern Europe, EGGER is launching a major European tour on 9th March 2011 – the so-called EGGER Road Show. “The truck will tour all of Eastern Europe with its first stop at the MTKT trade fair in Kiev. We are planning a distributor tour in the Ukraine, Czech Republic and Poland to provide opportunities for our customers to hold their own events. The first distributor events in the Ukraine will be held on 16th, 18th and 21st March 2011. Then the EGGER Truck will be at the Furnica trade fair in Poland from 29th March 2011 to 1st April 2011,” explains Reinhard Hätti, Head of Sales Eastern Europe. The truck will be touring other EGGER markets such as France, England, Germany and Austria in 2012.

The EGGER Truck presents the world of furniture construction and interior design, wood construction and flooring using actual samples with the help of virtual stations. Discovery takes centre stage in the concept. Even when entering through a forest with the singing of birds, the EGGER philosophy is communicated to the customer with all the senses. Among other things, the truck presents the environmental cycle in digital form. Animated and live-action video sequences guide visitors from sustainable forestry to the production of wood-based materials to the use of waste wood in biomass power plants.
The EGGER House is another station in the truck. This installation allows customers to navigate through a virtual house by controlling an interactive glass table. Information on all of the installed EGGER products is available along the way and the composition of structural and furniture details can be examined.
A central material library for the entire EGGER product range is also offered along with the digital solutions. Other stations in the EGGER Truck include the Virtual Design Studio (VDS) HD 2.0 and the visualisation system VDS LIVE to present the EGGER flooring decors.

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