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“Texture meets colour“: EGGER presents the innovations of the ZOW under this motto.

EGGER will present a range of developments at the ZOW 2009 in Bad Salzuflen under the umbrella theme “Texture meets colour“ where these two areas meet - texture and colour.

At the ZOW and the subsequent EGGERZUM in-house exhibition, uni-decors dominate the colours, predominantly in neutral shades of white through grey to black.
The umbrella theme ‚Texture meets colour’ can primarily be understood as the current frequent convergence of wood grain, or respectively wood texture and uni-colours: “Hardly any wood reproductions are implemented “on their own“ anymore - at present wood decors, they are nearly always combined with a uni-colour, regardless of whether in kitchen, living room or bedroom furniture“, comments EGGER design expert Klaus Monhoff. Whereas at the beginning this trend only concerned a few market segments, it now prevails in all segments, price groups and markets throughout Europe.

In the second instance the motto “Texture meets colour“ refers to the frequent pigmentation of wood reproductions: “Classic natural tones are no longer resorted to so frequently in the modern furniture programs,“ explains Monhoff, “the wood tones are rather pigmented with glazes, liming and also with light lacquers. This is often especially used with trend wood types such as oak, coniferous woods or exotic woods,“ says Monhoff. In terms of colour mainly white, black and also grey tones are implemented.
The third area that the motto addresses is the increased interaction between texture and colour, which is the ultimate innovation of the EGGERZUM range. EGGER had already recognised the importance of the surfaces in 2006 and had developed structures such as Matex ST22 or Granito ST82, which are in essence distinctive structures with depth and character for front surfaces and worktops. The latest additions are now the present surfaces Natural Pore ST11 and the new Artwave technology for the laminate area. In parallel to this, and especially in the last year, the uni-colours have experienced a considerably greater significance in the furniture industry. “Looked at in this light it was virtually inevitable that these two main themes should converge and create new scope for design in the furniture industry“, explains Monhoff.
In consequence EGGER will present uni-colours at the ZOW 2009, as well as new mother-of-pearl decors. The implementation of the successful surfaces from the past years, as well as the combination with new surfaces form the foundation for totally new appearances. For example, the interaction between Natural Pore ST11 with uni-colours, which creates the effect of lacquered solid wood fronts. “The customers can look forward to an exciting new spectrum through our interplay between texture and colour", predicts Monhoff.

At the ZOW and the EGGERZUM in-house exhibition, the material appearance of mother-of-pearl is further enhanced. Here also more colourfulness comes into play: for example with a new copper colour tone or blackberry. A mother-of-pearl glass colour tone promises to become especially interesting, which has an appearance very close to satin finished glass with metallic effect.

At the ZOW, EGGER will also be presenting new appearances in the worktop area. On the one hand, the trend theme of pigmented woods will be taken up with the worktops. On the other hand, EGGER will address the innovations in the stone area, which were shown at the last Möbelordermesse Ostwestfalen (Eastern Westphalia Furniture Order Trade Fair (MOW)) in September 2008 in Bad Salzuflen and Barntrup: Quieter and more elegant implementations are on the agenda. “Appearances in marble or fine granite confirm the course we took last year in the area of the grey colour tones“, says Monhoff.
EGGER is not only counting on the consistent continued development of the new grey tones presented last year with the worktops: “Our ‚Grey zones’ were a great success and have been implemented in numerous current models in the furniture industry“, comments Monhoff. “EGGER will enlarge on this theme and especially develop combinations with new structures.“


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