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15 decors available from stock!

The core board materials are an important area of the ZOOM update. The highlight here is the new Eurolight worktop in 60 mm thickness. Through its low weight Eurolight represents the ideal material for thick worktops. This allows a solid and high-value visual appearance, however without the weight that would arise with the same application using full chipboard material. Through the sandwich structure with a cardboard honeycomb in the centre, Eurolight requires less valuable raw materials.

EGGER thereby addresses two new developments at the same time: “On the one hand thick worktops are still increasingly in demand, and on the other hand the concept of kitchen living is still highly favoured“, explains Michael Beckmann, Product Manager for laminates and postforming. “Eurolight is ideal here on the one hand, because thanks to the low weight large thicknesses are possible. On the other hand, thanks to the colour and decor combinations the diversity of visual appearance and feel is provided, which is required for the high design requirements posed towards kitchen living.“

With the 60 mm Eurolight worktop the user can set new accents and thereby underlines his requirement for modern design. Many applications possibilities are opened through the innovative model combination of 3 mm postforming and identical decor ABS edge execution. For example with the ABS edging solution it is possible to implement lateral finishes with flanks. The matching decor and material combination is ensured for all 15 stock decors: Laminates, ABS edgings, decor profiles, splashback boards and wall finishes offer colour combination on the highest level.

There are three innovations amongst the 15 decors available from stock: Arkosa sand, Arkosa grey and Metallo grey-brown. With the surfaces the satin surface textures ST9 Perfect Matt is being used again for several of the worktop decors.

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